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Why We are Different – Los Angeles Computer Services

For most computer users, whether it be in your home or in your office, finding someone to help with things like IT network support or small business computer help is a decision that can have critical impact on your ability to do business.

And face it – Los Angeles is a big place and there are dozens of companies out there that can probably help you.

So why choose PC Fixer Computer and Laptop Repair? The answer requires just two words:

Our people.

PC FIXER WWAD 2 (PixaBay)The highly trained and qualified technicians at PC Fixer are second to none. More importantly, we speak your language; that is, we don’t need to impress you with the technical terms we know. Instead we talk in plain language every customer can understand when we talk with you about your computer needs.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what one of our customers said after her first visit to our store:

“Everything as so carefully explained and they didn’t use techno-jargon in explaining to me what they thought might be wrong with my aging laptop,” says customer Judy Sands of Hermosa Beach.

“I don’t know much about computers, but mine was acting up so I took it in,” she says. “I spoke with Robert, the owner, and he and his whole team were great about carefully explaining things to me, in language I understood. They were very up-beat and positive, and they made me feel like my problem was important to them.”

“They asked me questions about what problems I had been experiencing, in order to draw a bead on the problem, and they did that without drowning me in the name of parts and such. They pay attention and connect with their customers.”

It is that difference – our attention to the little things – that allows us to provide our customers with the very best service in the greater Los Angeles region. Strategically located, we can arrive at your doorstep with on-site assistance to deal with your pesky problems, including matters of:

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Cabling
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Sales
  • IT Services

Our team of expert technicians are all Apple Certified and Microsoft Certified for repairs, so you do not need to turn to any other repair service, no matter what type of computers you have. We are familiar with them all.

PC FIXER WWAD (PixaBay)As for issues of computer security with a network of devices, our experts have you covered! We will make sure that all the devices can communicate securely and easily with each other, and we also can make sure that your in-house Wi-Fi signals are properly secured, so that you do not have outsiders stealing your bandwidth.

When it comes to cabling, we know just how easy it is to get all the cords and cables tangled up. There are hidden concerns that many users don’t think of when it laying out the cables for computers, printers, and other peripheral devices: furniture sitting on top of cords, cables intruding on walking pathways, having the correct cabling to connect everything. Our team can design and lay out a system of cabling so that your incoming internet line and the placement of your modem works with the greatest success for your location.

Do you have a laptop? We have the expertise to give you the very best repair services for your ailing laptop, no matter what make of machine you use. We pride ourselves on speedy repair services, and we can meet you wherever you are in these communities.

And when your primary computer systems need attention, whether it is hardware or a software problem, our training allows us to give you top notch repair services. We refurbish many machines, to update them for current usage.  Even though many people have moved to smaller devices for immediate use, keeping the primary desktop computer up-to-date and functioning can be a challenge. Because we work with all makes of devices, you can rely on our team to give you the expert repairs and maintenance you need.

Why We are DifferentWe also can provide custom designed computers that meet your specific needs. If you are working with 3D rendering, you need a high-powered video processor, that may be beyond the reach of an ordinary computer. Some businesses and professions have extraordinary computing needs, and we can build you machines that will work effectively for your work. If a new custom designed computer is beyond your budget, our refurbished machines may more than satisfy your requirements. Talk with our consultants about your needs.

So why are we different? It’s our people that make PC Fixer Computer and Laptop Repair the Number 1 name in PC and laptop repair, home and business computing and networking in the Greater Los Angeles area. Come see and discover service that is second to none from or team of highly qualified technicians.

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