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West LA, Culver City Computer Services

Culver city and West Los Angeles computer repair & small business IT supportIf you are seeking laptop repairs or other computer services east of the 405, in the Culver City and West Los Angeles area, the best services can be had from PC Fixer. When you seek reliable experts who are both Apple Certified and Microsoft Certified, you will find them with our team. We work with all types of computers, laptops and other computing equipment. Whether your needs are caused by hardware or software, we are here to serve you.


General Services

If you are located along the Sepulveda corridor in West LA or along Venice Boulevard running east from the 405, we can bring you the finest repair services, on your doorstep or by remote access. We offer these services because we know how valuable your time is. These days, when something goes wrong with your computers, it can create big problems, whether they are business computers or home machines.

PC Fixer offers the following services among other things:

  • Computer Sales
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer Repairs
  • IT Services
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Cabling

It doesn’t matter if you work around the Sony Pictures Studio or spend your time at the Westside Pavillion, if you are located in these areas we deliver the best repair services for your computers.

Computer Sales

Although PC Fixer is not primarily a vendor of computer devices, we can help you when you need a new machine. We specialize in building custom computers that will meet the specific needs of your uses. Let us know what you need in computing abilities and we can assemble the ideal machine for you. Also, if purchasing a brand new computer is outside your budget and you have a need for one, we can offer you finely refurbished machines that will deliver you what you need.

Laptop Repair

When laptops collapse, it can create big problems for the user. Because of their portablility, the laptop computer has become the primary computing device. When something goes wrong with a laptop, the fact that the internal workings are often joined in one board makes hardware repairs a delicate matter. But our team handles such repairs on a regular basis. If we can’t fix it, we’ll let you know what your best options are.

Computer Repairs

If you have problems with your primary desktop computer or even your primary servers for your business, we have the training that will complete your repairs quickly and efficiently. We will give your device a quick diagnostic evaluation when you tell us of your problem. We can determine whether it is a hardware problem or one caused by software glitches. Whatever it turns out to be, we can deal with it.

External hard drive data recovery and computer repair Culver City

IT Services

IT Services can cover things like finding solutions to computer crashes, sweeping your hard drive for malicious viruses and Trojan infections, or even data recovery when data has been lost accidentally. We can help you in person or by remote access provided securely over the internet. You no longer need to feel that as an individual you have to do without the services that a company’s IT Department would provide. Just contact us and we will help you.

Computer Networking

When you have multiple devices at home that you need to network, we can create a system that will keep them all secure from outside intrusion. If you have a small business, we will make sure that all your terminals and equipment will function together smoothly. We will also make sure that you have the best network protection for your computers and equipment.

Computer Cabling

One area that many people overlook in maintaining their computer systems is making sure that the cables are in proper working order. We can help you design the way your various devices connect with each other: when you need specialized connections, to make sure you don’t have furniture sitting on your cords, to keep your cords from fraying or breaking from old age.


If you need computer services in West Los Angeles, or in Culver City, contact us today. We can arrange to meet with you at your location wherever you are in the region. We will arrive with smiles and answers.

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