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Los Angeles Computer Repair Services News

Non-Mechanical Keyboards

As more mobile devices become easily available, issues with touch screens and keyboards become more pertinent for computer repair technicians. Even for IT consulting Los Angeles computer experts know that they have to consider aspects that may affect the functioning of virtual keyboards. “The world at your fingertips” has taken on new meaning with technological advances. pcfixer-virtual-keyboard

Virtual versus Literal

Some computer users still feel more comfortable working with an actual, physical keyboard, as opposed to the virtual keyboards that have become common with smartphones and tablets. The physical interaction between finger and object is as old as human existence, and so remains a factor in planning how we physically interact with devices.  That said, the virtual keyboard...

Beware the Trojan Horse!

Among the various types of computer repairs Los Angeles computer users may need help with is the damage wrought by malware infections. Trojan horses may be a type of malware that the ordinary user can acquire during their internet surfing. Too often regular computer users do not understand the specifics of a type of malware, and the Trojan horses are no exception. Same-day computer repair for slow computers

What Is a Trojan Horse Malware?

The type of malware that gets called a “Trojan horse” or simply a “Trojan” is a malicious code that is non-self-replicating. When it gets executed, or “turned on”, it can take actions that were designed by the malware creator. The malware is...

Gaming the Systems

Sometimes Los Angeles computer repairs are prompted by heavy gaming use. After all, one of the primary contemporary uses for computers, in the private sector, is for playing video games. Ever since the advent of the digital game, beginning with Atari, people have been enthralled with playing games on these computers. The industry has advanced to a very high degree in this day and age.
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Games Push Development

Software development has helped push hardware to the extreme, and a quad core video card is now the norm...

New look, new focus for new MacBook

MacBook Air screen replacement and repairEarlier this month, when Apple CEO Tim Cook rolled out the latest development in its MacBook line-up -  the simply named New MacBook - it signaled a quantum shift in the company’s approach to the laptop computer. Simply put, at just two pounds and 13.1 mm in thickness, Apple virtually has reinvented its notebook. The New MacBook is the thinnest and lightest Mac ever, and every component of this new edition is an innovation: from the fanless design, ultra-thin Retina display and full-size keyboard that's 34 percent thinner, to its all-new Force Touch trackpad, versatile USB-C port and breakthrough terraced battery design. Additionally, Apple is offering a build-to-order option that includes a 1.3Ghz processor available...

Laser Sharp Drives

In Los Angeles computer repairs can cover a lot of different problems, from broken monitor screens to difficulties with the drives and the optical lasers. Some less technically inclined users may not even be aware that a laser is actually a part of their computers. Understanding how the laser functions in the computer can help the user understand the possible repairs that might be headed their way.
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The Computer’s Optical Laser

It is the laser that reads the data on any CD or DVD or Blu-ray that is used in your computer or...

The Key(board) to Your Computer Kingdom

One type of computer repair Los Angeles residents may be familiar with is that of fixing their computer keyboards. The keyboard is our primary means of operating most of our computers. Even though our tablets and smartphones respond to touch on their screens, they still also frequently use virtual keyboards for communication purposes.
MacBook laptop keyboard and screen repair Culver City

How the Keyboard Developed

Most people are aware that the keyboard they are familiar with on their computers and laptop was developed from the layout of the letter keys for the early manual typewriters. For the single finger hunt-and-peck typists, the QWERTY layout may be a mystery that they simply suffer with. But it was developed for pragmatic reasons. One...

More Power to the Computer!

When your computer goes out of whack, searching for Los Angeles computer repair services can be a challenge. When you don’t know for sure what is wrong it is easy to become anxious. Is it the motherboard? Maybe it is only a computer virus? Sometimes the problem is that your computer’s power supply has become faulty. Power supply service and computer repair West Hollywood

Power Supply Basics

The power supply is your computer’s first link to an outside system. It conditions the power coming from the electrical grid, and repurposes it into different volts and amp levels. For a laptop, the power supply is the cord and box that came with the system. For a desktop computer, the power supply is the box in the back of the tower...

Motherboard Knows Best

For many people in Los Angeles computer repairs often involve problems with their motherboard. The ordinary user who is not a computer technician has a sense that the motherboard is an important component, but they may not know much about it in detail. The name itself conveys importance – after all, none of us would be here without a mother. Repair technicians for expert computer support Los Angeles

What is the Motherboard?

The motherboard can be considered the heart of any desktop or laptop computer.  The  primary crucial components for the system are usually joined on the board. This includes such elements as the central processing unit and the memory. It also is where connectors will be located for...

Planning for New Computer Equipment

Throughout Los Angeles business computer services can help customers plan for their future computer use. Just like any other piece of machinery, a computer has a "shelf life" and an operational lifespan. It will help combat frustrations if users think about this and plan ahead. pcfixer will consult on new IT equipment and computers When to Upgrade your Computer Equipment It is usually recommended to upgrade to a new computer more or less every 3 to 5 years. When the cost of repairs exceeds more than half the value of a new computer, it is time to move up. There are several common failures a typical computer may see and some are easier than others to repair. Others warrant the scrapping of a current...

What’s The Picture With Computer Repair?

Wherever we are in Los Angeles, most of us take for granted the workings of our computer monitors, trusting that the picture and text arrive in front of us the way it is supposed to be.  We hardly ever think about how the process works.  We don’t consider elements of video processing or screen resolution or any of the other factors that bring a wealth of imagery and information to us, at least not until we might need some sort of Los Angeles computer repairs. [caption id="attachment_1882" align="alignnone" width="640"]Software support and professional IT consulting Los Angeles There are many options for video editing hardware and software.[/caption]   Video Processing The term “video processing” refers to the means by which signals...

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